Redmud Green Energy are assisting land-owners to turn unused parcels of land into secure long term sources of income.

Redmud specialises in the construction of sub-utility Solar Farms (under 5MW) which can utilise up to 30 acres of land. Solar farms are inert generating assets, assisting the Network in your local area by feeding energy back into the grid.

Redmud farms are fenced securely and screened where required with native vegetation to meet local government requirements, overcoming any visual concerns from neighbours. Landowners have no ongoing obligations when it comes to hosting a solar farm. Our long-term leases will simply provide you with a stable, supplementary annual income for the use of your land.

Redmud can also facilitate the option of land-owners receiving a reduced upfront or ‘lump sum’ payment in year one for the use of their land. A lease capitalisation option allows you to access funds immediately that can then be used for other purposes.

How does it work?

Becoming a land-owner partner takes place in 10 easy steps, costs you nothing and carries no obligation to execute an agreement to lease.

Step 1

Perform a site viability study.

Step 2

Develop a site plan for solar farm placement.

Step 3

Execute an Agreement to Lease.

Step 4

Obtain network and council approvals.

Step 5

Secure project investment funds.

Step 6

Execute a formal lease for the land.

Step 7

Mobilise the site in preparation for construction.

Step 8

Construct the solar farm.

Step 9

Energise the site.

Step 10

Annual lease payments commence.

Not every site is viable to host a Redmud solar farm. But if you have a piece of land adjacent to a three-phase powerline, there may be an opportunity to develop one. We are always open to discussing projects with potential partners.

To register your interest, please get in contact with our sales team.


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