Primary production in Australia is highly unpredictable. Market trends, demand and weather conditions can all adversely affect farmers, with many having sold water allocations on their land over recent years to stay afloat. These water allocations are not only unrecoverable, but render that portion of land unviable for future farming. Solar Farms do not require water allocations, as such, any land which is flat, free of obstructions and within reasonable range of a minimum 11kV power line is viable to accommodate a Large Scale Solar Farm.

However, land which can be reactivated for solar farming is merely a benefit to land-owners and is not a requirement to be involved with the project. Many land-owners are recognising the multi-level benefits of erecting a Large Scale Solar Farm on their properties regardless of the current use of that land.

Redmud Green Energy provide several options for land-owners;

Lease Agreement

Land-owners can work with Redmud on the basis of a lease agreement, where the individual unit trust associated with a Solar Farm can negotiate terms for leasing the land from the land-owner for the purposes of constructing a Solar Farm on the land-owner’s property. 


Land-owners can also purchase units in the individual unit trust associated with a Solar Farm and receive dividends on the generated electricity created by the Solar Farm. Land-owners may also negotiate a lease agreement with the unit trust associated with a Solar Farm in which they hold shares for the Solar Farm being housed on their property.

Outright Purchase

Land-owners may also wish to purchase a Solar Farm without provision for unit holders, or seek their own investment.


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