The Origins of Redmud Green Energy

It was with the intention of assisting our Riverland based primary producers that Redmud Green Energy first came to fruition, and has since evolved to encompass a much broader market. The concept involves the creation of supplementary income streams, designed to alleviate a land-owner’s sole reliance on primary produce by reactivating land - considered unviable for future farming - for the purposes of harvesting solar energy. This generated energy is then sold back to the National Electricity Market at a Wholesale Spot Market price, taking advantage of the volatility of the South Australian energy climate. The model has now expanded to include investment opportunities, with several options available for both land owners and investors.

With the South Australian Energy Market now experiencing one of its most volatile periods in history due to the closure of its last remaining traditional coal power station - and renewable energy developments at the forefront of government policy and community interest - Redmud Green Energy expands on existing technologies through the creation of tangible sized solar farms. These solar farms are erected solely to export generated energy back into the Electricity Grid.

This model provides land-owners who may have taken exit grants on their land to reactivate their properties to once again generate income streams. Constructed by Yates Electrical Services, using local tradespeople and professionals, also ensures that revenue generated by these solar farms remains within the community, positively affecting the local economy, creating job growth, and ultimately bringing new and innovative renewable markets to rural areas.

Yates Electrical Services - The Team Behind Redmud

Yates Electrical Services are a leading Electrical, Solar and High Voltage solutions installation contractor, providing a diverse range of electrical services. Based in the Riverland of South Australia, Yates Electrical Services has been supplying renewable energy solutions to homes and businesses since 2004. Established by Riverland local Mark Yates, the company has provided over 1000 homes and businesses across the Riverland with solar energy installations.

As an extension of this passion for clean energy solutions, Yates Electrical Services has also been involved in major high voltage projects across Australia, including wind farm construction, substation construction, control wiring and high voltage installations. Employing a growing number of highly-skilled electricians, apprentices and trade assistants, the organisation stands true to its core beliefs — always seeking to create further prospects for the future of the Riverland.

By procuring large construction contracts outside their local area, YES are providing local Riverland tradespeople valuable opportunities - across Australia and the world - to work on some of the most progressive and exciting projects in the field. Their strong work ethic and proven record of success ensure their high quality, safe and cost effective services are delivered in a timely manner. Yates Electrical Services continues to be seen as an industry leader across local, business and government based electrical solutions.


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