Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Following is a Frequently Asked Questions guide for the most common questions we get asked about our Solar Farm installations. If you are unable to find the answer to your question in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us.
What is Redmud Green Energy?
Redmud Green Energy is an initiative of Yates Electrical Services which offers land owners with suitable available acreage the opportunity to take advantage of South Australia’s volitile energy market through the construction and implementation of small-scale Solar Farms. These Solar Farms are built primarily to export generated power to the grid which is able to be traded on the National Electricity Market.
What’s in it for me?
I don’t own any land, can I still get involved with Redmud?
How long does the agreement last?
How much land do you need to set up a Solar Farm?
How long does the process take to complete from start to finish?
What happens to the electricity meter my house is connected to?
Will I be required to clean and maintain the solar panels?
What is the warranty on the materials on the site?
I want to sell the land where a Solar Farm is located, can I?
When the Solar Farm is initially installed on your land, you will undertake a lease agreement with the Unit Trust associated with that Solar Farm for the use of your land. Part of the conditions of sale for your land is that the existing agreement transfers to the new land owners until it expires, which is usually an agreement of 30 years unless otherwise negotiated. Over this time, the infrastructure will remain on-site.
How much will it cost me to be involved?
Do you offer finance for this project?
Am I required to pay a deposit?
How do I know if my property is suitable?
Can I sell my units to someone else?
How many units can I purchase?
How often do I get paid a dividend from the Unit Trust?
What do I need to do to get involved with Redmud?


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